What We Do

At Pumabuild our aim is to produce the very best from your Ford, whether it be a standard Fiesta or Puma up to the Focus ST or RS range. We have been on the Ford scene since 1998 offering customers annual servicing with Ford genuine parts used to power upgrades and engine conversions.

Our workshop
Diagnostic equipment A lot of diagnostic tools on the market today will only display emissions related faults. This means that a local garage may only be able to read the codes that affect the emission control of your car. We have lots of diagnostic equipment that will read the codes that other basic tools won’t be able to read. Some of our diagnostic tools are below. FORD IDS
Dealer Tool running latest level software, with this equipment we are able to interrogate all Electronic control units fitted to FORD vehicles it also has the ability to work on FORD America, FORD Australia, MAZDA, LINCOLN, LAND ROVER and JAGUAR. Mycanic
Pass through CAN reader and Diagnostic tool for Fords. SNAP-ON Solus Ultra
We use this if we carry out work on other vehicle brands but it will also work on Fords. Renault Clip
This is a Renault dealer tool we have this as we work on NHS Ambulances and Patient Transport Vehicles. VAGCOM
This is a VW dealer tool and enables us to locate faults on VW vehicles also for the NHS. OMNITEC
Diagnostic Fault Code Reader multi vehicle. MAC TOOLS Smoke machine
This is not an electronic diagnostic tool but it is a very good piece of equipment that helps us find air leaks quickly and efficiently on cars. For example if you are an owner of a turbo charged car and you have a loss of power you could have a boost leak. A smoke tester is connected to you induction system and harmless smoke is allowed to enter your cars pipe work.
Tuning equipment DIMSPORT Race Manager and Master Tuning equipment TRASDATA Master with TRI Core Equipment My Genius Master with Tri Core adaptor ALIENTECH Master Tuning Equipment ADVANTAGE 3 Master Tuning Equipment Frieling Racing Master Tuning Equipment CMD Master Tuning Equipment CMD Master TRI Core Equipment WinOLS Hex Editor with Checksums and DAMOS A2L capability ATI VISION with Emulator for BOSCH ME9 5 ramps (1x 4 post, 2x 2 post, 1x single post, 1x wheel free) Laser 4 Wheel alignment system 2WD DYNO DYNAMICS Rolling Road facility with 7500 Kw cooling Fans capable of 1200bhp Low profile tyre changing machine Wheel Balancer Brake Lathe (on car disc skimming) Air Conditioning Service Centre with Purification Tool Room consisting of Bridgeport Miller and Colchester Lathe Sand Blasting facility Brake Calliper Aquarius Washer Solvent Wash Steam Cleaner Parts Washer Steam Cleaning Pressure Washer Welding equipment - MIG, TIG and Gas
Body shop/accident repair Buntwood EXCEL Spray Booth AUTO ROBOT Chassis Alignment Repair Spot Welding Plasma Cutting Parts supply We have in stock a large amount of Genuine Ford Parts if we do not have it in stock we can usually get the parts within an hour or by the following day. Performance parts supply We carry lots of performance parts for your FORD from lots of suppliers please see our supplier list below or please feel free to browse our online shop. HOWEVER IF YOU DO NOT SEE A PART THAT YOU WISH TO BUY PLEASE CALL US ON 0121 356 2638 AS WE MAY HAVE IT BUT HAVE NOT YET LISTED IT ON OUR WEBSITE. Delivery or collection Parts purchased can be either mailed out via Interlink Express or Royal Mail and collection are possible from our Shop located in Perry Barr. For more info on where we are please look at the contact us page. Online shop This brings us onto our fantastic online shop which does have a lot of parts we sell. New products are being added daily. We hope you enjoy your Pumabuild experience and we look forward to seeing you all!