New Ford Focus 250ps 2012

We picked our ST up on the 31st of July 2012 which was one of the first ST’s to arrive from the Saarlouis factory where they are built.


Our ST is a Spirit Blue ST3 with drivers assist and ST style pack. Upon picking it up from HILLS FORD there was a total of 12 miles showing on the dashboard.


Okay, let’s get the 5 door thing out the way. I hear a lot of people saying it should have been produced in a 3 door variation. The new Focus ST is a global car – it is to be sold all around the world. Vehicle sales show that a 5 door variation far outsells a 3 door variation. I personally don’t mind 5 doors. It’s easier for my children to get in and out and I don’t have to get out of the car to let them in. The body lines on the rear doors are nice and I think it breaks up the rear door.


The new ST is a step forward from the previous 2005 ST I am comparing this to. If both cars were standard we all know that a modified 2005 ST can achieve 300bhp with basic modifications but for the moment let me talk about a standard Ford Focus ST 250ps 2012.


I headed home on the 40 mile journey and the first noticeable thing was the engine produces good power and torque from very low down in the rev range. From as little as 1600rpm you can feel the power coming in and it's there all the way through to 5,500rpm. This new ST feels tight and well made. The steering is light and precise and gives good feedback. Like the old ST but better. One thing I will add here is that the back end is a little looser than the old ST but I’m sure I can sort this.


I have a lot of work to do on this ST and I must not waste any time so upon arriving back at PUMABUILD I thought I had better get some starting point data. This is important so that I know exactly what the new ST is producing and monitoring the data from the car during rolling road runs will help me tune the vehicle.


We attached GPS timing gear to monitor acceleration, cornering and braking. We also fitted our diagnostic tool to read and log all the live data from the vehicle. This tells us what every sensor is doing on the engine and logs the data for future reference.

Rolling Road
Exhaust System

Our car was placed into our rolling road which is a DYNO DYNAMICS 2WD system. Our car has now covered 60 miles, it is all wired up to our computers and has a full tank of V Power. I carried out a gentle run to ensure the bearings were warm on the rollers and enter all the appropriate weather correction data to ensure an accurate read. One thing I must add here is over the years, a lot of people have had their own cars on PUMABUILDS rollers and I get to hear a lot of “Your rollers are wrong. My car is quicker than that.”.


The first power run with the new Ford Focus ST came in at 248bhp which works out to be 250ps. Wheel power is 208bhp. Torque 284lbft but peaks at 293lbft.


This is our starting point. Our car does exactly what FORD have quoted on the tin.

I have used PIPER exhausts for many years. I choose PIPER because they are a Great British company that hand make their exhausts in Folkstone, Kent, England. Every part of the PUMABUILD / PIPER system is handmade. Even the silencer box is made in a jig by hand by tradesmen who have many years experience. Every part of the PIPER system is stainless steel so it will perform for many years to come.


After several meetings with John Crabb, the designer at PIPER, we decided to concentrate on a Cat Back system to start with. We have used a 3” diameter pipe and it is CNC Mandrel bent to ensure precision and excellent quality. All flanges are laser cut or CNC machined.


We fitted the Cat Back Exhaust and as you can see it is impressive.


After flow testing the exhaust we run the car on our rolling road again the result were very good for just a cat back system.


We measured a reading of:

263.7bhp peak

309lbft peak


That is a peak increase of



Rolling road test - standard specification


Piper Cat Back system with 3" diameter pipe

Rolling road test - after Pipe Cat Back system fitted


The Standard intercooler is the same as the FORD FOCUS RS MK2 so is quite a good standard. But we noticed after a couple of runs that we got some high intake air temps and decided to fit an all Aluminum cooler to help improve on this.


We used a tube and fin core which consists of extruded aluminium cores which are brazed  to the header plates to insure that we have maximum cooling efficiency. We have also used a fin which has a total of 4 louvers per individual fin. This gives us an excellent intercooler able to cope with cooling the intake air temps.


The ECU is a BOSCH MED 17.0 it is known as the new breed of ECU it has a TRICORE INFINEON TC1767 Processor 32bit.


This one took us a while to get our heads around but on 13.10.2012 we managed to program the ST via the OBD connector.

We have spent many hours on our tune file and our 290ps file was finalised on 13.10.2012 making us the first UK company to tune the new 2012 Focus ST.

Bosch Med 17.0 ECU

Our PB290 tuning package results
STD ST250:
208.4 Wheel Power (hp)
291.5 Wheel Torque (lbft)
248.2 bhp (@ Flywheel)
284 lbft (@ Flywheel)

That gives an increase of 38.7bhp and 59.5lbft.

241.2 Wheel Power (hp)
351.3 Wheel Torque (lbft)
286.9 bhp (@ Flywheel)
351.2 lbft torque (@ Flywheel)
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